The sump pump below your lowest level, crawl space, or basement gathers groundwater and safely sidetracks it farther from your property. If you don’t have a sump pump, that accumulated groundwater can easily develop and flood all over your foundation. Flooding is dangerous, costly, and damaging. Hence, having a sump pump is an important element to make your home safe. Guaranteeing that it properly works is one of the maintenance tasks that are essential as well. Also, you should make sure to clean your sump pumps semi-regularly to keep them working properly. To help you do that on your own, we have prepared DIY tips in cleaning your sump pump. 

Take the supplies you will need 

Get a scraping tool, a shop vac, a garden hose, a large bucket, and a piece of plastic sheeting. 

Ensure to turn off your water 

Basically, you do not have to turn off all water lines within your house. Instead, you only need to switch off the water at a particular place where a fixture directly drains into the sump pump, similar to the washing machine, Once you cannot turn the water off, guarantee that nobody uses the fixtures as you work on the pump.  

Disconnect power 

Unplug the power from the basement outlet or you can turn off the circuit that supplies power to the pump directly at the breaker.  

Cover your pump with a plastic sheet 

Attempt to eliminate the pump from the put and make sure to be careful upon doing so to prevent having a mess on your entire floor. Dirt and sludge might be layered onto the pump. Hence, you must carry it outside to thoroughly clean it. 

Clean the pump 

Utilize your garden hose and start rinsing the pump off. Once you remove the grime’s first layer, you can begin to scrape using your tool. It won’t matter what tool you will utilize as long as it can remove and scrape off the accumulated dirt on. Use the hose once again to rinse and clean it. 

Empty the check valve in the sump pit 

Put your large bucket below the current check valve where water will drain into the pump. Then, expose it and allow any current water to drain into your bucket to be disposed of.  

Utilize the shop vac to eliminate standing water 

If you can still observe that there is water inside the sump pit’s bottom, make sure to vacuum it up. This way, it won’t go directly into a messy pit once you reconnect the pump itself.  

Reconnect your pump 

You should connect back the pump again to the check valve and discharge pipe then start plugging it back in. It will be clean, shiny, and good to go. 

To have a sump pump is a fixed part of plumbing in a lot of homeowners. If you own one in your home and you think that it needs to be inspected or you want to install one, just contact the best plumbers Midland TX