We cannot prevent it when our plumbing starts to stink. It does not mean that your pipes are leaking or your toilet is not flushing well. It just literally smells weird sometimes. Having issues of stinky plumbing occur due to a lot of possible reasons and some of these are more apparent compared to the others. Regardless of what causes this problem, nobody should encounter stomach-churning and nose-wrinkling plumbing smell. To know more of some of them, here are the most typical issues why stinky plumbing occurs and tips to prevent them, 

A breach problem exists in your sewer line 

All types of things could possibly damage your sewer line. Some of these things include clogs that could develop until the pressure pushes to burst the line or tree roots that can develop over the line. Because of soil conditions, the line itself could split and sink into the ground. Once a sewer line is broken, it turns into leaking sewage.  

Sewage smells 

The sewage smell that comes from your drains outside your property could possibly be the major indicator of a breached sewer line. If you believe that your sewer line is breached, pay attention to continuous clogged toilets, pest problems, and gurgling sounds that come from your drains. Sadly, there is no reliable and easy DIY procedure to fix a breached sewer line. It would be recommended for you to contact the experts from San Angelo Plumbing as soon as possible to help you replace or repair the breached sewer line before it gets even worse. 

Make sure that your garbage disposal is clean 

If you toss all types of things into your garbage disposal, that is not an issue. In fact, it is a basic cleaning tip to dispose of your garbage properly. However, if you did maintain and clean your garbage disposal regularly, debris could develop inside your garbage cans as time passes by. The food wastes that latch inside your disposal might cause an unpleasant smell that you don’t want. If you decide to clean your disposal, guarantee to unplug it first. There are several ways you can clean your garbage disposal. You just need to find out what works for you. 

You have a buildup of biofilm 

If you have a stinky shower drain, it could be due to the buildup of biofilm. Biofilm is a type of residue that exists due to the accumulation of shower products such as creams, soaps, shampoo or oil. Once biofilm builds up in the drain, the bacteria will naturally start to feed on and latch to it. Luckily, it is simple to clear out and remove. All you have to do is to use a natural cleaner to eliminate the accumulated bacteria. 

Clean the pump 

Utilize your garden hose and start rinsing the pump off. Once you remove the grime’s first layer, you can begin to scrape using your tool. It won’t matter what tool you will utilize as long as it can remove and scrape off the accumulated dirt on. Use the hose once again to rinse and clean it.